Travel has changed my life in remarkable ways and deeply influenced my work. I see life and healing as a never-ending journey an opportunity to explore our sense of self, align with our purpose and expand into our potential.

Please explore the offerings available below, from one on one healing and coaching packages, to workplace wellness and keynote speaking events.

Healing Packages


The Amalfi Breathwork Package is for you if you’re ready to make a profound commitment to your growth through the power of breath, establish a regular breathwork practice, and experience the deep physical, emotional and energetic healing that breathwork can provide. Over the course of ten breathwork sessions, you will have the capacity to move through blocks, regulate your nervous system, and receive clarity on your purpose and direction, establishing a sense of safety in your body and an unshakeable foundation within.

10 one-on-one breathwork sessions



The Santorini Breathwork Package is for you if you’re looking to reset your nervous system, explore the benefits of breathwork, tap into your body’s current state and receive clarity on what you need to feel safe, grounded, and in alignment. Over the course of five breathwork sessions, you will be supported in moving energy and blocks, reprogramming limiting beliefs, as well as integrating breathwork as a regular practice in your life and tool to self-regulate.

5 one-on-one breathwork sessions

TIMELINE: 2-5 Months


The Riviera Breathwork Package is for you if you are looking for an introduction to the powerful practice of breathwork. Over the course of three breathwork sessions, you will have the opportunity to experience the immediate mental, emotional, physical, and energetic benefits, as well as tap in and receive clarity on how to step into your most aligned self.

3 one-on-one breathwork sessions

TIMELINE: 1-3 Months


Gift the special and deserving person in your life with something they will never forget. This session provides enough time for the preparation and meditation before the active breathing begins and enough time for deep relaxation and integration after the active breathing ends. This Breathwork Detox session is sure to be a memorable gift.


Single one-on-one breathwork sessions



Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing modality that facilitates the flow of universal “ki” energy also known as “chi” “qi” “prana” life force energy. Reiki is considered by some as “acupuncture without needles,” as it releases and restores the energy circulating through the body in relationto known acupressure points. Reiki sessions offer the opportunity to move stuck energy and experience enhanced vitality, lightness, and ease. Reset your physical, emotional, and energetic body with a one-on-one reiki session.

Single one-on-one Reiki sessions


Sound frequencies bring the body, mind, and soul into a more relaxed state of consciousness, creating synchronicity between the emotional, mental, and energetic bodies. Sound healing sessions provide therapeutic effects including reduced stress, anxiety, and overwhelm, and have a positive impact on our overall well-being. Reset and realign with a one-on-one sound healing session, or contact Megan to book a group sound healing at your next event.

Single one-on-one sound healing sessions

Group Program


What to expect

Alignment, breathwork, somatics, EFT tapping, meditation, visualization, discover your life path and unique design, daily routines and rituals, nervous system regulation techniques for self-alignment

What you receive

Lifetime access to the community, downloadable breathwork videos, meditations, self-hypnosis audios, energy education, visualization practices, EFT tapping videos and scripts, somatic practices, vagal toning exercises, self-development 1:1 coaching call with a human design and numerology reading, 1:1 coaching and breathwork session, ayurveda introduction with daily ritual guidance, gifted products to support your transformation from the Destination Reverie Ritual line.

A group experience giving you the unshakeable foundation within to step into your most aligned self, unlocking your untapped potential. 

Workplace Wellness

Burnout, Fatigue, Shutdown- these are some of the common complaints employers are hearing their employees are dealing with. Learn how to reinvigorate your team, bringing creativity and a true sense of possibility back to the work place. Breath by breath, moment by moment you will feel the sigh of relief and sense of inspiration resonate through your team. Whether you bring Megan in to speak about how to create lasting change, how to embrace transformation, learn techniques to regulate their nervous system or welcome a breathwork or sound healing ceremony into your workplace you will notice a sense of renewed energy and engagement from your team. Please fill out the form to the right to let our team know what most interests you. If you’re unsure what you are wanting, no problem, please let us know that in the comments. We look forward to working with you.


1:1 Coaching and Self Discovery


Together we will map out the itinerary for the greatest journey you will ever pursue, becoming the most aligned version of you. The beautiful thing about itineraries, is they’re meant to be a guide, see something along the way that you want to explore? Go for it, knowing you always have a road map to return back to and rely on. Arrival gives you the tools to not only make your dreams your reality, but to navigate the waters of what you believe you should want and recognize where your true soul fulfillment lies. This program incorporates The Reverie Method’s multimodality approach to support you in self-regulating, realigning your nervous system, improving your mindset, moving through blocks, and empowering you through presence. Arriving in the present moment is the destination and journeying through life knowing how to always step back into alignment is the ultimate goal.

Your dreams are your destined destination. Arrival is a 12-week 1:1 coaching and lifestyle design container to map out the itinerary for the greatest journey you will ever pursue, becoming the most aligned version of you.


This program is for you whether you are uncoupling, recoupling, or working on your integration and union with self. Receive the support you need to respectfully come back into communion with another or yourself, or release a partner or past version of yourself through respect and unconditional love. Work directly with Megan to get to the root of dysfunctional dynamics, burning down blocks and gaining tools for navigating healthy communication and rekindling the fire that you desire.

Destination Reverie’s Relationship Coaching is a 6-week 1:1 container to release outdated relationship dynamics and cultivate safety, compassion, empathy, and the connection you desire with yourself or your partner.