Destination Reverie is your one-way ticket from daydream to reality.

You have arrived.  Welcome to Destination Reverie.  A place for expansion and connection, where daydreaming is encouraged and turning those dreams into reality is supported.  Using breathwork, somatics, connection and rituals in the multi modality, The Reverie Method, you will be well on your way.

A state of being pleasantly lost in one’s thoughts; a daydream.

Whether your destination is peace, alignment, flow, or fulfillment, that feeling in your soul is calling you. While only the universe may hold the itinerary of your path and purpose, you can think of Destination Reverie as the travel guide to your dream-worthy life giving you the tools, tricks, and insider secrets to make sure your journey is as aligned as can be.


Megan Mercer

Founder of Destination Reverie

I have discovered that often when we feel called to “find” our self or purpose, what we are really missing is alignment with our true self, buried under conditioning, trauma, or society’s expectations. I created The Reverie Method to intentionally blend the best of Eastern and Western practices, to cultivate an unshakeable understanding of self and foundation within, through which your direction, passion, and purpose can rise.

The Reverie Method is a holistic, multi-modality approach that embraces healing as a life-long journey. An intentional blend of somatic, therapeutic, energetic, and nervous system techniques that empowers you to self-regulate, feel safe in your body, and take ownership of your life.

You are your greatest investment. Self-love is not selfish but it is essential. Just as we are instructed to put the oxygen mask on ourselves first, the Reverie Method is your permission slip to take the time to connect to yourself. Consistency of rituals, practices, and integration is integral to living a life of peace, alignment, flow, and embodying your most aligned self. A practice that not only enhances our lives, but our connection with those we love and the communities we serve.


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Arrival is a 12-week 1:1 coaching and lifestyle design container to map out the itinerary for the greatest journey you will ever pursue, becoming the most aligned version of you.

Relationship Coaching

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A 6-week 1:1 container to release outdated relationship dynamics and cultivate safety, compassion, empathy, and the connection you desire with yourself or your partner.

Passport to Peace

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A six-week group experience to create an unshakeable foundation within, step into your aligned self, and unlock your potential.

Breathwork Packages

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Establish a regular breathwork practice, and experience the deep physical, emotional, and energetic healing that breathwork can provide.


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Incorporate breathwork and The Reverie Method into your next retreat, or sign up to be notified about upcoming Destination Reverie retreats.

Workplace Wellness

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Book Megan for virtual or in-person workplace breathwork sessions for team building, rejuvenation, and alignment.

Your dreams are your direction, your ticket to the life you are meant to experience. Pack your bags, the future you’ve envisioned is closer than you think.

Client Testimonials


“My experience doing breathwork with Meg was nothing short of transformational and life changing. I went into the experience never having done breathwork before and left with a new favorite healing tool for my body, mind and soul. Breathwork has helped me to overcome chronic pain, anxiety and depression. Through one of the toughest times in my life and health, breathwork was there for me and I am eternally grateful for Meg’s support and fearless facilitation in teaching and leading me forward.”

Amanda T.
“If you are looking for a transformational experience for your group, then I highly recommend Megan and her breathwork detox sessions. Megan was able to curate a beautiful space of inclusivity, safety and love during my 2022 Permission Slip Retreat in Tulum, Mexico. Within our group, there was a variety of ages of women and experience levels with both personal growth and breathwork. I can without a doubt say that each of the women was impacted in such a massive way that it was a catalyst for their own personal growth and next level success in their lives. I am forever grateful for Megan for her ability to hold space for women and lead in such a powerful and graceful way!”

Carmen O.
“Working with Megan has been life changing, to say the least. I joined the Nervous System Realignment course and after one class I knew I wanted to join her for the Lifestyle Design Coaching program. Her passion, drive, expertise and genuine desire to help people is amazing. I did as she asked and went into this with an open heart and mind. I don’t have the words to describe this entire experience but I am beyond thankful I did it.”

Christy D.
Workplace Wellness
“Our company is out of state, Megan was able to do a virtual breathwork workshop for our entire staff. It was an amazing experience! The entire staff had positive experiences during, and following, our session. We felt more deeply connected with each other and ourselves. Megan is the perfect breathwork practitioner – confident, calming, and clear. We couldn’t recommend her more!”

Kim, Cypress Wellness
Passport to Peace – Group Program
“I learned so many wonderful things! Learning to regulate my nervous system in order to live more in alignment means I am happy, more peaceful and able to let things roll off that used to upset me. When I am feeling the familiar feeling of anxiety or overwhelm, I use the breathwork techniques I have learned. I have been able to tap into something greater than myself through meditation. Learning how important moving my body is to release trauma and stress has been so beneficial. I could go on and on! I live more in alignment than ever before, and when I am not in alignment I am able to do the things I need to help myself get back, quickly. The things I enjoyed the most were the continuous community support, and the self discovery aspect through human design and numerology. “