Hi I’m Megan, holistic life coach, Breathwork facilitator, and founder of Destination Reverie and The Reverie Method.

I have discovered that often when we feel called to “find” our self or purpose, what we are really missing is alignment with our true self, buried under conditioning, trauma, or society’s expectations. I created The Reverie Method to intentionally blend the best of Eastern and Western wisdom, mindset, somatic, and embodiment practices, to cultivate an unshakeable understanding of self and foundation within, through which your direction, passion, and purpose can rise.

Our capacity to serve and support others is only as broad as our capacity to hold space for ourselves. My personal journey in healing from PTSD was the gateway to my path and the creation of Destination Reverie. In search of answers and reprieve, I dove deep into exploring healing modalities, lifestyle practices, and understanding the nervous system, while pursuing a degree in psychology. Integrating what I learned transformed my life, healed my physical, emotional, and energetic body, and empowered me to unapologetically pursue my dreams and dharma.

“Our pain is often the path to our purpose, and my mission is to support you in navigating these waters, finding the modalities that resonate most with you, so you too can achieve not only the life you have dreamed of but the life of fulfillment and alignment you deeply deserve.”

Travel, Healing and the Pursuit of Purpose with Megan Mercer

An in-depth interview with the founder of Destination Reverie and The Reverie Method
When did you first fall in love with travel?

The first time that the wheels took off the tarmac, when I was headed to Europe, to St. Tropez. I landed in Nice, France. I was gone for eight months, and besides going just over the border to Mexico this was my first international trip. I felt amazing, so connected to different timelines, my past ancestors, some of whom were French. Just being in the Mediterranean in general, I felt so connected. I was working with really high-end business professionals doing their hair. At the time I was 26 and had been working on Broadway. I was living in Manhattan and wanted to escape the weather temporarily. I went to an internet cafe because we didn’t have smartphones then and started applying to different companies that would allow me to travel. I was also going through a breakup, having just ended a 6-year relationship and engagement. I felt like there was something more, that I needed to answer my soul’s call. The plan was originally to go for four months, but I just kept traveling. It was transformative, like I had permission to live my life and began connecting to myself in a way I never knew was possible.

What is the most impactful trip you have been on?

I loved going to Jordan, to Petra, and just feeling so connected to a civilization that came so long before me. Seeing their resourcefulness and the way they lived and have been living for thousands of years, it made me feel like a time traveler. It’s so beautiful there. Also, being stripped away of so many of our comforts, and realizing how we don’t need it, really taught me a lesson about what I truly need in life. Seeing how connected the people are to their heart, passion, and humanity, made me think about the way I live my life, the impact I want to have and the importance of people and connection, that’s really all that matters.

Favorite place you’ve visited?

Taking my mom on a trip to Italy, Greece and Turkey was amazing. We traveled for a few weeks, it was her first time overseas. After I came home from traveling Europe the first time she said, “I want to learn how to travel,” so I said, “I will show you.” I bought her a ticket to meet me in Venice, we went to Athens, Santorini, Rhodes and then into Turkey, where we did Cappadocia and Istanbul. That will always be one of those memories I love so much. Being able to introduce my mom to travel and show her how easily she could travel. That was a long time ago and she still talks about it today, I see how life-changing it was for her.

Favorite experience of synchronicity and flow while traveling?

Every time right? Getting into the flow while you are traveling and the flow of your life, where it’s calling you. There’s an abundance of synchronicity when you’re connecting to people, the conversations you have, and the places you’re magnetically drawn to. You unlock pieces of your being that you never tap into in the same way when your head is just down in your life.

I remember riding my bike through Denmark and just stopping and journaling and my channeling at that point in my life had never been so clear. Even through heartbreak and confusion, I had ended the relationship I thought I was supposed to have and I thought I was supposed to have kids by 27 so I was having this quarter-life crisis when I started traveling. I remember riding my bike around and really discovering who I was. I would stop and journal and channel, and really got reminded of who I am and am meant to be, instead of this idea built off of social constructs, I was mourning that, but then connecting with spirit and source and myself in a really powerful way.

What is your dream destination?

I’m headed there, Bali is my latest dream destination. I would love to do more of India and Morocco, Morocco is high on my list. More Middle Eastern countries, I’ve done some. Even China, I’d love to do a deep nature river tour in China, explore ancient Chinese healing modalities and connect with the people that have never left that way of life.

Do you have any advice for someone who has always wanted to travel, but has let fear, finances, or other reasons stop them?

Just do it. You’ll find your way, trust fall, and let the Universe support you. Trust the nudges in your heart, that there are people in other places that need to experience your vibration, curiosity, and offerings. There are ways to do it on any budget if it’s something you truly desire to do. Making small changes in your life to be able to do this instead of saying I wish I would have because it doesn’t get any easier. Don’t wait.

What is one of the most powerful lessons travel, or traveling alone has taught you?

You’re never alone, you have more support available to you than you realize. We are all more alike than we are different. I just instantly think of the news and all the fear of “other,” travel helps squash the idea of “us and them,” which goes into every area of our life. We’re all connected through the universal breath of life and the idea of “other” is such an illusion. Travel really helps you break that down, to understand oneness.

What’s your astrology “Big 3” and human design?

Sun in Aries, Moon in Aquarius, Cancer Rising. Projector, 3/5 profile, with emotional authority.

Can you tell us about your spiritual journey? What drew you to spirituality, energy work, rituals, and the healing modalities you work with?

I didn’t say a single word to my mom or dad until I was three and I had imaginary friends. As soon as I started talking, and talking about them I got teased and I went through a deep forgetting. I’ve had multiple near-death experiences. I’ve always been very connected to spirit and source and had a really amazing intuition, but it’s taken a long time to learn to trust it again and get back into connecting and deconditioning all of the stories that I told myself to not be judged or scared about these powers.

I had a horrible car accident when I was 21, with multiple fatalities. Being in that accident cracked me open to an awakening, and led me to really go after my dreams without questioning them. If there was something I was called to do, moving to New York, working on Broadway, wanting to travel and see the world, I did it. I’ve come in and out of conditioning and in 2020 I had another awakening that brought me back to the accident. I had the first real flashback that I’d had in a long time. I went down to the beach to pray about it, connect and talk to my friends that had passed. I saw this green, cloudlike shooting star, it was the precursor to this big awakening I had over the next month as the world shut down. I went inward in a really big way and got back in alignment with my soul, spirit, got really deep into spirituality, started developing my gifts again, and haven’t looked back.

What has made the most impact on your personal healing journey?

Me not denying my truth and finding the modalities that helped me return to my truth and myself. That looks like a number of things, but keeping a daily routine close to the Ayurvedic teaching, connecting to my breath, meditating, playing, moving, and getting in water often. A culmination of all my practices. Learning to channel again has been huge. Chanting is huge for me right now, but if you had asked me last year I would have said breathwork. It’s in my astrology chart, to need different practices and rituals to stay in alignment, it’s not the same for everyone, but it’s very true to me.

What is one challenge you didn’t think you could overcome, that you did? What helped you achieve this?

Being in the spotlight, public speaking. I was very fearful of being seen and having all eyes on me, but I’m so passionate about sharing these things that I love that I don’t even think about it anymore. My passion is what helped me overcome that, the need to share it.

Can you tell us about a time when you felt called to trust your intuition, possibly even over logic and reason, and you were glad that you did?

Giving up my career with a lot of freedom, one I had done for 20 years, and that I made good money at with ease, to follow my passion. It was terrifying, but the Universe made me uncomfortable. I felt physically ill and in pain trying to force myself to do this thing that logically made sense with my lifestyle and marriage. I could travel as much as I wanted, but I physically felt ill and in pain when I tried to force myself to keep doing it. The initial jump was wildly dysregulating as well, I didn’t know what I was supposed to be doing, I just knew I needed to create the space for it, but I no longer had the structure, routine, and steady income to support me. I spent a year really regulating myself as I was stepping into this new identity, career, passion and letting myself be seen, because it required it.

What are some of your favorite ways to spend your free time?

In nature, always in nature, hiking in the forest, playing in water, laying in my backyard, spending time with loved ones, music, dancing, riding my bike, time with my dog, painting.

Megan’s Journey

An in-depth interview with the founder of Destination Reverie and The Reverie Method

Destination Reverie

An in-depth interview with the founder of Destination Reverie and The Reverie Method
How did you come up with the name for Destination Reverie?

I was inspired by the loss of my aunt who always inspired me to travel. After her passing, I decided I was going to start a travel blog, she always wanted me to write about travel. During the pandemic, I had been wearing a t-shirt that said Reverie on the front and “dream your reality” on the back. That was the shirt I would paint in every day. Every time I put the shirt on it was like a portal into somewhere else, even though we were in lockdown. When I thought about starting this blog it was “destination” going somewhere, and “reverie” which meant daydream in French. It felt really suiting, and that was before I knew I would be taking people on a journey with their breath, with their mind. I’m really excited to help people step into traveling physically as well as mentally, emotionally, and energetically going on these journeys.

What’s your “why” behind the work that you do?

To help people come back home to themselves, elevate their consciousness, and shed the conditioning that we think keeps us safe but that actually keeps us stuck. Being the fullest expression, the most aligned version of ourselves. Saying goodbye to my friends and coworkers in a multi-fatality car accident at the age of 21 and realizing that we only get one shot, I decided I was going to go after everything I felt I was truly supposed to do in this lifetime. My purpose now is helping others find the feeling of safety and the ability to know that they too can fulfill their dreams, follow their passions and live out their life purpose. Whether that’s a passion for travel or to live and pursue their dharma, it all begins with creating safety within the nervous system, in their original home, the body. From this place of stability in self, we are empowered to go to the places and do the things we’re meant to do.

How did you know this was the work you were meant to be doing?

I didn’t, the Universe just showed me to it. Once you start listening to yourself, your heart, and the Universe, you’re led to it. It’s not that I know, I’m just answering the call of what’s in front of me. It’s wild, even as a kid I loved math, I loved numbers, and now for me to love numerology, it’s like of course, it’s always been there.

Do you have a favorite ritual or modality you like to work with?

Breathwork. I always do my morning Ayurveda, cold face wash, tongue scrape, and lemon water. Then I do something to connect, chanting, breathwork, meditation, connecting to myself, my soul, and source. Even though it changes and sometimes it’s a walking meditation, or getting into nature, it’s always the first rituals right away in the morning and then it’s connecting and movement.

Describe one of the most impactful client transformations you’ve experienced.

I love them all so much, they’re so unique. There was this one woman who had put a lot of pressure on herself to discover her purpose. She would say, “I don’t know what I’m meant to do,” and was trying all these different careers and courses. Eventually, she got to this place of understanding her design, doing breathwork every day, meditating, and coming back into her body, and through this, she discovered her purpose. She lives with such ease and flow now, and is able to contribute so much more to the world, to herself, her family, and friends, from this state of true being. Feeling at home within herself allowed her to stop forcing this outside idea that she thought was something she had to discover. Taking the pressure off herself, and allowing herself to just be herself and live her life with authenticity and joy. It’s been so amazing to watch.

“Make small changes in your life instead of saying I wish I would have, because it doesn’t get any easier. Don’t wait.”