Destination Reverie is a place to let yourself dream about your ultimate existence.  Here you can cultivate the clarity needed to find freedom and belonging simultaneously. You will find encouragement on how to gain discipline through meaningful practices and routines that allow your dreams and reality to become one.

Destination Reverie started as an idea with the passing of my Aunt Ann. She had always encouraged me to write and to travel, and to write about travel. When I got news that it was time to go and say goodbye I was on the first flight back to New York. We were 5 months into a global pandemic at the time, beyond wanting to see her I believed for some reason I could offer her some solace, impart some wisdom as to how she might not fear death. I had hoped to bring her comfort, somehow. I wanted to tell her in person what I had told her over the phone. I loved her. She changed the trajectory of my life for the better. She helped me define and cultivate parts of my life that I value, deeply. Parts of myself where I feel limitless. Fiercely female, strong, adventurous and curious. I needed to tell her in person that I always carry her with me, and I always will.  Overall, I was unsuccessful in my attempt to offer her the solace I had hoped for. She didn’t want to go, it was way too soon. She would cry for her parents. It was heartbreaking, painful and I felt incredibly rattled when I left her. A strong pillar in my existence was crumbling before my eyes and there was nothing I could do about it.

I returned back to a state that was surprisingly, and massively, on fire. It felt like the apocalypse. When I began driving home the wind was blowing so hard power lines were either down or coming down and I had a hard time keeping the car in my lane.  Every town I drove past on the interstate had emergency vehicles, sirens on, going in some direction. There were flashes of light that looked like lightning, though I couldn’t make sense of it. My dad later told me it must have been the transistors exploding. One fire from a down line was right up to the freeway. You could say things were not looking or feeling good anywhere and I knew I should consider myself lucky. I got home to an empty house on one of those nights you’d give anything to have a good familiar hug. Because it was so early in the pandemic, my husband left for two weeks to his parents house. He didn’t want to get sick, or give anything to the people at his office should I have picked up any illness. A couple of days into my quarantine marked our fifth wedding anniversary. Some friends dropped a bottle of Veuve Clicquot and some chocolates on my doorstep. It was a cheerful sight watching their tail lights drift away when I opened the front door. I made long phone calls to my sisters, aunt and dad. We were all grieving my aunts rapid decline. There was no going outside. It was literally toxic. Ash rolled in from the fires and began growing quite thick on my patio, and the ominous orange haze threatened to shatter me. I saw what felt like the ledge of depression in the not so far off distance, between my bawling sessions. I decided to dig deep. Knowing how it is impossible to feel dread and gratitude at the same time, quickly, I started a gratitude journal. I started playing records for myself, dancing, and leaning into all areas I could cultivate joy. Soon a blue bird began visiting me daily through the window in the backyard. I can see him now actually- in my mind’s eye- clear as day, getting a worm right in front of me. Within a few days, as I was walking up the stairs, I heard- quite loudly- my aunt telling me to write. I decided I’d start a blog. That was over a year ago, but here I am nonetheless with a blog and a plethora of wellness techniques, practices, stories and more to share with you as we create a space together for community and connection- thriving in our wellness journey.

I tend to travel often and get asked often where I would go, what I think about certain areas and where one can begin. So, I will be sharing travel inspiration, along with many other passions. I am trying to be a more mindful consumer, and will share my favorite products, recipes, wellness hacks for your body and mind, including one of my biggest love affairs- breathwork. There are many modalities that I practice, though you will see I often lead a diaphragmatic detox class as that is best to be guided through.

The name, Destination Reverie, comes from a combination of two things. One is a T-shirt that I have held onto since college. On the front it says  “reverie” and on the back “dream your reality”. I brought the t-shirt out at the beginning of the pandemic when I decided to paint a mountain mural, mixing whatever paint colors I could find in the garage, on the wall in the exercise/ meditation room. I cut it into a crop tee and wore it everyday as I listened to D-NICE DJ for all of us stuck at home live on instagram in his #clubquarentine parties as I painted. I was in my happy, creative, resourceful, connected zone. I even had a couple dreams during that time that showed me what I am now creating, and who with, which I journaled about then and it still blows my mind when I reread the entries or realize suddenly a new part of the dream is unfolding before me without me consciously creating it.

The destination part of the name, Destination Reverie, comes from originally thinking I would have a travel blog, only.  My Aunt Ann was very encouraging of me to write articles about travel for major publications. I previously had a job that allowed me to travel around the world doing hair, and I would send mass emails home about the latest destination I had seen or was about to explore. When I returned for good she was very encouraging of me to continue writing and to make a career out of it, but if I am honest, I didn’t think I was good enough, or qualified enough for the job, and really didn’t want the rejection. Knowing what I know now, I’d push past those limiting beliefs and trust her more to help guide me.  I have always loved writing, though not the specifics of proper grammar and what have you, as I am certain you’ve noticed by now, but writing helps me, as my uncle- the published author- explained it, to “know what I am thinking”.

I still love to travel and take trips solo, with friends, family and most often with my husband. I am excited to share everything from the things that I pack, eat, see and explore on the blog as well as all of the practices, modalities, hacks, finds, treasures and treats that make our reality the dreamiest.

I look forward to exploring and expanding with you. I am, truly, glad that you are here.